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The Site

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114 Bromley Road is located on the corner of the junction between Bromley Road and Crescent Road, in Beckenham.

The Site previously comprised sheltered accommodation, which closed in 2019, with the accommodation being found unfit for purpose. With the demand for sheltered accommodation being met elsewhere in the area, the Site has been vacant since 2019. As such, Woolbro hope to revitalise this Site, providing much needed homes and improving the visual amenity, whilst also being sympathetic to the surrounding area both in terms of height and design.

The Site has excellent connectivity with its location under a mile from both Beckenham Junction and Shortlands Railway Stations, giving direct access to central London.

The surrounding context is mainly residential in character, with some retail and commercial use along Bromley Road.


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  • 27 new homes, including family-sized units, in buildings of 3 to 4 storeys
  • 19 car parking spaces, including disabled car parking
  • 60 cycle parking spaces
  • A design which is cohesive and in-keeping with the surroundings
  • New landscaping and amenity space
  • Financial contributions to improve local amenities such as doctors’ surgeries and schools


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The landscaping concept design aims to enhance the site by providing a distinct character which will soften and blend the development into the existing context whilst providing visual amenity for the residents.  All private gardens will have a green defensible boundary with tree planting and the proposed car parking will be softened by boundary tree and hedge planting.

The amenity space will provide a play space for the residents with informal seating for relaxation surrounded by shrub and ground cover planting which will be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, defining and enhancing the character of the development.

The Public Realm will be the unifying element to our proposals. We are proposing to use high quality, long lasting and sustainable products. These will be designed to follow a theme across the whole site, resulting in an integrated and high quality scheme which fits into the local area.  A street furniture strategy will be compiled using a family of seats, litter bins, bollards, and signage.

Design & Materials

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The scheme has been designed in order to be sympathetic to the character of the surrounding area, both in height and style.

The massing seeks to reinforce the building lines already present along Bromley road. The articulation of the proposed volumes, setbacks, alignments and pitched roof lines have been carefully designed to preserve the skyline across Bromley road. The proposed windows have a regular rhythm following the predominately existing rhythm. Heights of the proposed development have been varied to address the immediate context. The proposed development will be stepped down in scale towards Crescent Road, limiting visual implications and ensuring that neighbouring properties are not impacted.

We have taken a simple, yet robust attitude towards detailing, using a limited palette of materials. Red brick is the main material for the scheme to promote a robust and lasting character that shares a strong association to traditional residential design. A brick pattern has been proposed to the  ground  floor to enhance the immediate connection of the development with the street. Aluminium frame windows and doors are finished in dark grey polyester powder coating.

For the balconies, a perforated metal sheet has been picked in order to provide privacy and security to the balconies while introducing a subtle playful element to the facades. The proposed colour is to match the window frames. The roof plays an important role in defining the appearance of the development. The pitched roof is the key external feature of the development. A metal roof cladding is proposed to give a contemporary aesthetic  to the pitched roofs. Metal roofing is also excellent for its durability, lifespan and weathering.

Sustainable Transport and Parking Strategy

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The scheme offers 19 parking spaces in compliance with the 2019 Bromley Local Plan, with 60 cycle spaces being provided in order to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport.

Further to this, the development is well positioned to benefit from sustainable transport alternatives. Located within a mile of both Beckenham Junction and Shortlands Railway Station, the Site is well connected to Central London and is also served locally by a number of bus routes. As such, the location of the Site enables the encouragement of sustainable transport and justifies the parking strategy presented.

Future residents will be provided with free car club membership to cover a one year period. Evidence prepared by Enterprise Car Club suggests that the provision of car club membership is effective in reducing general car ownership, as it offers residents with an alternative way of using a car for essential needs without needing to own one. This will therefore mitigate against any impact on surrounding roads.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to view our virtual consultation for 114 Bromley Road, Beckenham.

We will analyse your feedback, and where possible, feed this into our proposals before submitting them to the London Borough of Bromley. Please note that the deadline for feedback is Thursday 12th November 2020.

We anticipate submitting our proposals in December 2020, and if we receive approval, it is likely that the development will be complete in Spring 2023.

In the meantime, if you have any further questions, please contact us on 0800 298 7040, or email

Welcome to our consultation on the proposals for 114 Bromley Road in Beckenham

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